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Beware of Bogus Credit Repair Companies!
by: Omar M. Omar

So-called "credit repair" companies claim they can remove negative information from credit reports. Advertising as "Credit Advisors," "Credit Rating Correction Services" or "Credit Consultants," they trumpet variations on this message: "Turned down because of bad credit? We can help!" Many of these companies charge hundreds if not thousands of dollars for the promise to "clean up" bad credit reports. But the truth is, these companies can only do what you could do yourself--at no charge.

Nobody can remove negative information that is accurate from your credit report. No company has a "secret" ability to remove all negative information.

Are You An MLM Casualty?
by: Diane Walker

Do you know anyone that you can think of that decided to build an mlm business, was excited, motivated and tried to convince you to join? Do you know anyone that was once in ONE mlm, and then another or changed 3 or 4 times?

Think of family and friends. Do you know of anyone that was once in the father of all MLM's Amway? Did they succeed? Are they still doing that today?

Public Relations Productivity
by: Robert A. Kelly

Should it be measured in “publicity by the pound,” or by how well external audience behaviors help achieve the organization’s key objectives?

I opt for holding public relations responsible, first, for recognizing that people act on their perception of the facts leading to behaviors about which something can be done. And second, for how well its practitioners create, change or reinforce that opinion by reaching, persuading and moving-to-desired-action those people whose behaviors affect the organization.

Why Even A Simple Contract Can Save Your Bacon
by: Richard A. Chapo

Every business owner says it; "Do I really need a written contract?" The answer is "YES, YES and YES!" Using a written contract is like buying insurance for your business deals, but much better.

What Is A Contract?

Stop Procrastination- Just do it!
by: Lorraine Pirihi

What stops you from 'getting things done?'

Have you ever started your day with good intentions of completing a task or project only to find that by the end of the day you've hardly worked on it? Or have you ever set a goal to attend a seminar, learn a new skill or just have more time out for you?