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Avoiding Debt And The Temptation That Goes With It
by: Frederic Madore

The advent of technology spoils people’s whims. The dawning of modernism continues to cater to every human’s caprices. It constantly feeds on the people’s undying thirst for the easy, the instant, and the convenient. Often, it also causes them a lot of trouble—financial trouble through unmanageable debt—that is.

Convenience vs. debt

Aptitude Tests Reveal the Difference Between Your Aptitude & Ability
by: Roger Clark (BSc)

Aptitude tests measure your skills, abilities, values, interests and personality in order to help you determine which careers you might be best suited for and eliminate those that you are not.

Aptitude tests are some of the most important tools to anyone considering a career change.

Bankruptcy Basics
by: James H. Dimmitt

According to the American Bankruptcy Institute “household debt is at a record high relative to disposable income.” The Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts reported that the number of filings for the year ended March 31, 2003 “exceeded 1.6 million for the first time in any 12 month period,” a 15.1 percent increase from the previous year.

There are two basic types of personal bankruptcy: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 are legal proceedings that are available to a person to cope with a financial crisis. Personal bankruptcy must be filed in a federal bankruptcy court. You will have to pay about $160.00 in court fees. Attorney fees are additional.

How Do You Put a Value on Your Time?
by: Janice D. Byer, MVA

As a small business owner, does the following paragraph sound familiar to you…?

“Other than doing the technical ‘fix-its’ with my computer…I do it all! I have found that this keeps me very limited in growing my business and taking on new clients. I wish I had someone to help but how can I justify hiring someone when I can do the work myself…when I have the time?”

Managerial Malpractice Claims on the Rise
by: ARA Content

Protect Your Assets and Executives with D&O Insurance

(ARA) - When disgruntled shareholders, employees, customers or competitors allege financial mismanagement, discrimination or other wrongful acts, blame often lands at the feet of corporate directors and officers. Claims of managerial malpractice are on the rise, along with the costs -- legal fees, settlements and judgments -- associated with them.