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Where Can I Get a Home Loan? Here Are The Top 5 Mortgage Lending Institutions
by: Syd Johnson

There are hundreds of sources for home loans online and right in your neighborhood. Banks, Credit Unions, Mortgage Bankers, Government Agencies and Private Sellers all offer different sources of financing for anyone shopping for a mortgage.

Neighborhood Banks

What Consultants Want You to Know (But You Never Ask)
by: Jan B. King

I’ve been both a CEO and a consultant, so I’ve seen from both perspectives what goes right and what goes wrong when a consultant comes in to a company. Generally the CEO or the manager who hires the consultant tells the consultant what he or she wants. Often the manager is frustrated with something that is happening at the company and expects the consultant will have the expertise to “just fix it”. While the manager needs to set the expectations, of course, the consultant rarely gets to voice what he or she knows would make the consulting engagement more successful for both.

Here is what your consultant would love to tell you about making him or her successful working on your behalf:

4 Simple Steps to Successful Delegation
by: Inez O. Ng

Last month, my featured article was about creating a “Stop Doing” list. Hopefully, if you followed my suggestion, you now have a list of tasks that you are looking to delegate away. It seems a natural progression that I now disclose a few simple steps that will ensure your foray into delegation is a success.

1. Choose the right “delegatee”

Remember The 7 Words Of Success
by: jack foley

In any walk of life, sport, business, family life, etc, there are always going to be times when you feel like throwing in the towel. Its human nature, we do not enjoy conflict, lack of progress, always finishing runner up. The 7 words are simple and can’t be underestimated “never give up, never never give up". Historians say that Churchill’s exploits in the second world war is the best testimony to these words. When the whole world thought that Britain were doomed, by adopting a never say die attitude they eventually prevailed. I think what start up business’s need to digest here is that success is very much possible but

1) You are always are going to go through rough times and you need to accept this fact immediately

Three Proven Steps to Improve Your Home Business Advertising Response in Just 10 Days.
by: Bob Markovsky

Newspaper advertising is a tremendous source of new business that for so many businesses doesn’t ever reach its true potential. These 3 steps will help you change that forever!

You’re about to find out the mistakes that your competitors keep on making, and to start using techniques proven to grab your prospect’s attention and draw out responses that turn your ad into the 'customer producer' you always knew it should be.